Pusheen Update!!!!

Pusheen is indeed very cute and very creative but also very picky

See what I mean.

Anyways pusheen has a family two siblings and a mom and a dad.

#1 pip. Pip is a sweet savanna cat with a dark coffee brown coat.

#2 stormy stormy is a Siberian cat she wants to grow up just like her sister pusheen. stormy enjoys eating her kibbles and sleeping eating and secretly blogging.

Finally her loving mom and dad her mom is named sunflower and her dad is named biscuit.


Horses are a unique animal and  I think that they are very cool. One of my favorite breeds are blue roans and a grey dapple here are some pictures.

   A blue roan is a color but it’s one of favorite horse colors.


Finally, there is a grey dapple which is not a color they are very pretty you can see why its called a grey dapple because there are grey spots on there body so that is why its called a grey dapple.


Welcome to my blog, I’ll talk about cooking, crafting and cuteness in my blog, but my blog will be changing so be prepared…

Pusheen is a cat who loves sleeping and eating. She secretly gets on the internet and has her own blog and a youtube channel. Pusheen is a gray tabby with dark gray stripes.

Pusheen has one little sister stormy,and a brother pip and a

Mom and a dad , a husband and two kids.


This is how to draw cute eyes, to add on to your drawings. #1 First you can draw two circles and then build off the outer circle and on the inside make two half circles inside.

Then I colored it in except for the half circles

#2 anime eyes. They take Patience and detail and some focus. First I make two lines and in between put two c shaped lines.

Then I made two circles at both corners then I shaded it in.

3rd and finally realistic eyes. First you make two circles, then you draw two curved v lines on both sides.

Now and finally you make the Pupils, and then you make the eyebrows but not too far from the eyes but close to the eyes.

Then for the girls and boys if you want,  you can add eyelashes.

Also these are some ideas that you can put your eyes on.

You can make some drawings of  materials or anything and put eyes on it so then you have a creature of your own!!!